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Bob & Ellie Bernstein, GIFT Supporters

We followed the development and progress of GIFT’s efforts to reach seniors in isolated settings and keep them connected to others. Their holiday-meals-to- go program is unique and was always interesting to us. This year last minute, we decided to stay home and It was almost impossible to imagine assembling a Seder meal. Being in the position of utilizing the service and personally enjoying the holiday-to-go meal gave us an incredible appreciation for all the effort, the organization, and the love that Rochel and her helpers add to the special package. We were glad to help our friend’s program all these years and now committed to support an organization whose work we have experienced first-hand.

Tanya, Parent of Youth S2S Volunteer

My daughter was pointing out everyone of the seniors with so much love and so much connection. I believe she will never look at an elderly the same, she’ll see a life lived in each one of them. Every participant young and old felt that they are making the difference for someone else in a small way, but in a big way as well, a real snowball effect. GIFT is bringing everyone the opportunity to be a able to give and this program is giving them life and I’m blown away

Shulamit, Senior Volunteer

These programs teaches young people to interact with seniors and to see that we have something in common. For young people to learn from us and us from them and that we can be just as giving. A learning process on both sides. No one has become poor from giving.

Chani, Former Student of GIFT

The outreach of GIFT really makes a huge difference. I ran a function in Oxnard and invited seniors and kids. I did it because of a core factor that I learned in GIFT, and now I’m part of bridging the gap in my new community.

Andrea, With Girls on the Run

GIFT’s volunteer work truly helped us in the beginning of our session. There are three of us on our small nonprofit staff and we rely heavily on volunteer groups , and GIFT was amazing and took everything on and completed in such a fast turn around time. Just amazing. You were a huge benefit and help to us, and we deeply appreciate what you do.

We would love to hear what you have to say about GIFT too!

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