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About GIFT



The mission of GIFT is to foster intergenerational community volunteerism and connection, bridging the gap between seniors, university students, and the wider community. We strive to create a culture of empathy and mental well-being, uplifting the lives of seniors, empowering university students, and positively impacting the communities they serve. Together, we build communities that value and support all its members, regardless of age.


Integrating GIFT programs and services into our university ecosystem nationwide will address ageism and enhance mental health but also foster empathetic leaders and create healthier, more inclusive communities

WHo We Impact?

GIFT is a nondenominational organization that impacts people in every stage of life, mainly catering to people living in the Pittsburgh area. We built GIFT on three things:

  • Local Nonprofit Collaborations

  • Youth Leadership

  • Engaging the Aging 

You can become part of the impact too!

Our Yearly Impact!

GIFT impacts around 1,830 people yearly. Our programs impact

~765 youth

~1,065 seniors 


GIFt operating COST

This year GIFT needs a minimum of $300,000.


Every dollar counts, be a part of the GIFT that keeps on giving!

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