Who We Are

Founded in Pittsburgh in June 2015 by Rochel Tombosky, Giving it Forward, Together (GIFT) arose from many years of volunteerism, learning, and giving back to the community, along with a desire to make these passions possible for others. Prior to starting GIFT, Rochel has had years of business experience, including owning a caregiver business for seniors, in addition to being a lecturer for the OSHER CMU Lifelong Learning Program. Today, she continues to advocate for seniors by organizing several programs for GIFT.

Count your age by life experiences, not years. Measure your life by smiles, not tears.

Our Mission

GIFT's mission is not only to help combat ageism in society, but also to bring all groups of the community closer. Open to people of all ages, religious denominations, origins and backgrounds, GIFT not only hopes to bring more joy to the lives of seniors, but to the community as a whole. Through a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year, anyone can get involved in GIFT's programs. For more information on how to get involved, follow the "Events" page!


Our Vision

The humanitarian spirit of Lubavitcher Rebbe has always inspired organization founder Rochel Tombosky and guided her vision of the nonprofit. GIFT’s purposeful and thoughtful programs work to combat ageism and advocate for seniors. These programs sponsor social gatherings and intentional activities that speak to the strengths of seniors, fill them with purpose, and further empower them to maintain their independence in a mentally healthy way.

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Meet GIFT's Board

Dr. Mylynda Massart

Missy Sovak

Batsheva Williamson

Hannah Barsouk

Mame Donohue

Gary Lang

Emily Anderson

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