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A Brief History

About GIFT

GIFT, a grassroots nonprofit, was founded in 2015 when the main focus of communities was to support seniors by meeting their basic needs of transportation and food insecurity. There was a void and disconnect in recognizing the necessity for senior mental and physical well-being and the need for purposeful engagement. GIFT had the formula to make a fundamental change in neighborhoods that included seniors. While the rest of the world focused on what seniors CAN'T do, GIFT immediately moved forward into educating the community about what seniors CAN do. GIFT did this by bringing nonprofit volunteer opportunities to seniors and providing an environment where they understood they were seen and remembered. These were the first steps to change. While philanthropists, grant funding, and corporate support were sparse for this demographic, it resulted from a lack of empathy, inclusivity, and ageism. GIFT knew that steps for a better tomorrow were through education, bridging the generational gap, and guiding our youth to becoming future advocates for our seniors. What GIFT didn't initially understand was the vast measurable impact it would have on our youth's mental health and well-being and how it could create more cohesive and healthier neighborhoods. GIFT is now a leader and a valuable part of the equation for developing compassionate leadership, flourishing seniors, and a healthier, more inclusive society.



GIFT is a vibrant social sector on the cutting edge of discoveries. We are finding new ways to help our youth and the aging community reach their full potential and live lives of meaning and purpose. We proactively address inclusivity issues, strive to improve mental health, and break down ageism barriers. GIFT taps into the wisdom of our elderly and the passion of our youth because this combination is highly complementary.


Provide multi-generational partnership, advocacy, and education for more cohesive communities and neighborhoods. GIFT aspires to be a catalyst for boosting cross-generational collaboration, fostering togetherness through developing our youth, engaging our aging, and assisting local nonprofit organizations.

WHo We Impact?

GIFT is a nondenominational organization that impacts people in every stage of life, mainly catering to people living in the Pittsburgh area. We built GIFT on three things:

  • Local Nonprofit Collaborations

  • Youth Leadership

  • Engaging the Aging 

You can become part of the impact too!

Our Yearly Impact!

GIFT impacts around 1,830 people yearly. Our programs impact

~765 youth

~1,065 seniors 


GIFt operating COST

This year GIFT needs a minimum of $85,000.


Every dollar counts, be a part of the GIFT that keeps on giving!

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