CHAT- C-orona H-alts A-t T-alk a new intergenerational initiative through Senior2Senior.

Last week S2S youth connected on Zoom to find ways we can improve the quality of life to seniors during this pandemic. We discussed our new initiative, called CHAT (Corona Halts At Talk). GIFT is creating a safe intergenerational community.Youth from the age of 12-21 will be matched to make a weekly call to a senior. There will be talking prompts on our webpage dedicated to help navigate conversations that can be as short as 15 minutes.

This is a safe opportunity to combat isolation while making a difference. We are excited that in the weeks ahead S2S can adapt to our present situation and create opportunities for incredible relationships to blossom.

Senior2Senior (S2S) - engages school students(12-21years) and homebound older adults in volunteer activities for the benefit of local non-profit organizations in the Pittsburgh area. These weekly interactions help people feel more socially connected and decreases both loneliness and depression in school students and senior adults. S2S promotes intergenerational friendships through shared experiences despite age differences.

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