GIFT is working responsibly and diligently to advocate for the needs of our elderly community. Right now with this pandemic and upcoming holiday of Passover many many elderly seniors will be affected. Typically, many seniors travel to be with family, or attend public seders , but what will they do now?

GIFT is providing seniors, special needs and immunocompromised 300 FREE holiday kits

( cautiously delivered to their residents). In the kit we will have everything one needs for a traditional holiday Seder and Kosher Catered Passover food. We are asking local organizations to take action with us! Help GIFT move this project forward and assist those in need.

CALL TO ACTION, partner with GIFT and guarantee our communities most vulnerable will have the full opportunity to celebrate Passover.


Your GIFT seder package last Passover truly saved me. I spent the entire Passover in Shadyside Hospital with my father, and would not have had a seder without you. I will be forever grateful. - Susan L. "Dear People, I don't know how to thank you enough. I'm a shut-in and alone. With your great gift I was not alone. It was the most thoughtful wonderful present anyone could receive. I wish you all a very Happy Holiday. G-d bless you all. Thank you." - Florence

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