Seeing the need in the aging population for actively combating ageism, GIFT sees the opportunity to give back to the community through senior advocacy and volunteerism. 


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Due to Covid-19 our Passover contents have changed to meet the safest measures and most essential religious contents.  These kits will be packaged and delivered in the strictest safety standards. Contents are now: Matza, Grape Juice, packaged horseradish, canned tuna, applesauce, fresh produce, candlelight set, chocolate candies, and Haggadah, 


We very much appreciated the Seder kits which were delivered to us this year. Our family went to Israel over the holiday in order to share it with other members of the family. While I no longer stand to prepare so many courses, we did miss their company at this time of the year. My husband and I spent the evening quietly, enjoyed your meal and other gifts in the bag, the support of your very worthwhile organization. 
- Thank you! Arnold & Eva ( Passover to GO 2019 recipients)

Your GIFT seder package last Passover truly saved me. I spent the entire Passover in Shadyside Hospital with my father A"H, and would not have had a seder without you. I will be forever grateful. 
- Susan L.( Passover to GO 2018 recipient)

"Dear People, I don't know how to thank you enough. I'm a shut-in and alone. With your great gift I was not alone. It was the most thoughtful wonderful present anyone could receive. I wish you all a very Happy Holiday. G-d bless you all. Thank you."
- Florence (Passover to GO 2018 recipient )

"....I surprised her and set the table and when she came in she was overwhelmed to see the table looking like a true Passover Seder should look! It brought tears to her eyes. Thank you to all who made this possible"
Caregiver of Mrs. R ( Passover to GO 2017 recipient)

"This is a giant THANK YOU to all those responsible for lifting my feelings of abandonment at Passover this year...are you aware of how much it meant for me to receive one of your kits? In fact, there are no words to express my deep gratitude for such a tremendous gesture. As a 91 year old shut-in, I had reconciled myself to relying on stored up memories of Passovers Gone By for my observance..." 
Lillian (Passover to GO 2016 recipient)