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Addressing University Anti-Semitism Through Intergenerational Education

GIFT fosters meaningful connections with non-Jewish students and Jewish seniors who are unmatched elsewhere.


Why Is This Important?

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the United States has witnessed an alarming increase in antisemitic acts. Nearly 2,000

incidents were reported, and a notable increase has been observed post-Israel’s October 7th atrocities. Recognizing the urgency to address this issue, GIFT aims to educate our non-Jewish and Jewish college student volunteers about anti-Semitism during various activities emphasizing preparation for our upcoming Passover to GO-kit events and programs starting March- April.

How Will This Help? 

GIFT involves 20 college students weekly, but our holiday kit programs involve 50-100 students. Our holiday kits allow students to curate, assemble, and deliver around 800 holiday kits yearly to Pittsburgh seniors. Become One of our sponsors and make a massive impact!


Educates a non-Jewish student


Intergenerational Mock Passover Seder.


 Educates 30 non-Jewish students


Provides 300 Passover kits


Educates 50 students, Provides 300 kits, and offers a full experience.

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