Fall Cutouts



Nov 17-21

Since 2015, GIFT has provided seniors with delicious Thanksgiving meals and fun activities. The last thing someone wants is to be alone during the holidays and with your help, we have been able to bring a smile to so many people's faces. We need your help, whether you help assemble kits, donate, or spread the word. Let's share the love this Thanksgiving!


Holiday Kits

Designed for homebound seniors who celebrate holidays in the winter, Thanksgiving and Passover. College/High-school volunteers assemble and deliver kits directly to households of hundreds of underserved seniors. Each kit provides a catered meal, simple gifts, and cards made by elementary-aged children. GIFT builds leadership skills for our youth through product purchasing, assembly organizing, recipient, and delivery data entries.

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Thanksgiving To Go

We Provide seniors with a delicious Thanksgiving meal with some fun activities.


Winter To Go

Nothing like a kit to warm a senior up during the winter holiday season, filled with festive activities, treats, and some winter essentials.


Passover To Go

Seniors are given all the necessities needed for a seder along with a meal, a step-by-step Haggadah, and some fun activities.

What are the Holiday Kits' yearly impacts and costs?

Holiday Kits' yearly Impact:

90 Youth

900 Seniors

Holiday Kits' yearly cost: