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A weekly telephone reassurance program. CHAT - Corona Halts At Talk allows students 17+ years of age to receive community service hours while building meaningful relationships with older adult recipients. This program enables older seniors to be up to date with other GIFT programs and to receive bi-weekly activities guaranteed to bring a little bit of cheer each week. The interaction will bridge generational gaps and create a more empathetic youth. With COVID’s onset CHAT has proven to be a safe way to combat isolation and inactivity, and to break down generational barriers.

Image by Pavan Trikutam

Sign Up for CHAT

Due to Covid-19 our goal is to practice social distancing and not social isolation; therefore, GIFT started CHAT. CHAT is a great intergenerational activity that helps older students and seniors to connect and stay in touch. Register and join CHAT if you are a retired senior or a student 17+ of age.

Conversation Starters

Our community is hurting. It is time to have a conversation about what we can do together that we cannot do apart. We can make these conversations stronger, better and more purposeful.  How do you think we can proactively make good out of this challenging situation? Here are some things you can talk about...

Music Influncers

Music is an amazing  way to improve quality of life for all ages. Many studies show the benefits of music, including reducing stress and depression. It also improves immune function, helps memory, and encourages exercise. Who are and were some of your favorite music influencers? 

Jazz Music

Food Nostalgia

We all have our food memories, some good and some bad. The taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating food itself but also of place and setting. Food is an effective trigger of deeper memories of feelings and emotions, internal states of the mind and body. What was your favorite childhood snack, and what do you love to eat now?

Chocolate Chips Cookies

What are CHAT's impact and cost?

CHAT's yearly impact:

25 Youth

25 Seniors

CHAT's yearly cost:


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