CHAT (Corona Halts At Talk)

In order to facilitate the efforts of Senior2Senior (S2S) in bringing the younger generation of school 'seniors' together with seniors across our community, GIFT has created CHAT, or "Corona Halts At Talk". These sessions are to help the seniors feel included, connected, and active with the youth in our community. Rather than our in-person Senior2Senior meetings each week, youth anywhere from 12-21 can select a senior participating in the program to have a short and meaningful phone conversation with them about how they are doing, what their story is, and anything else that might bring these generations together. 


This is a safe opportunity to combat isolation while making a difference. We are excited that in the weeks ahead S2S can adapt to our present situation and create opportunities for incredible relationships to blossom.

These weekly interactions will help people feel more socially connected as well as combat against loneliness and depression across both generations.

To get involved, please sign up using our website login link to create an account and become verified with the program, and then you will have access to the database of senior's profiles. From there, you can read about who you might have the most in common with and the same available times, and facilitate the calls on your own schedule!

Donation made to :
5513 Beacon Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
paypal :
cashAPP to : $giftpgh 

Join CHAT so that different generations can learn valuable lessons from one another. Are you a senior citizen retirees? You can join CHAT and touch the life of a young person and make a difference in their life.




Our community is hurting. It is time to have the conversation around what we can do together that we cannot do apart. We can make these conversations stronger, better and more purposeful.  How do you think we can proactively make good out of this challenging situation? Here are some things you can talk about...