Backpack with LOVE

GIFT has successfully provided 800 underprivileged kids with

high quality school supplies, since 2015!!!

How can YOU HELP ???

Join our initiative from the comforts and safety of your home . Donate item/s to our Backpack with LOVE 2020  Amazon wishlist by Aug 13th or send a financial donation.





How we provide DOUBLE IMPACT ???

What makes this program unique from all other Backpack initiatives is that each backpack is safely assembled by elderly seniors. They are given the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the community and the future of our youth. In the last five years we have been privileged to provide backpacks / school supplies to the following organizations:

* Latino Community Center

* Rankin Christian Center 

* JFCS - Refugee & Immigrant Services

* Freestore Braddock

* Yeshiva Schools/Hillel/CDS

* This year additional schools/organizations that have been economically hit hard due to COVID-19 will be added to our list.


Program Dates: August. 16 - 20th 

IMPACT: 250+ kids and 60+ seniors 

Donation needed for this program: min. $8,500.00