Interested in reading a former GIFT S2S- Hannah (Yale Application): 

...Though I'm just one person, my involvement with GIFT during high school has helped transform my career prospects and completely change how I view the older generation.The pressure to "act your age", far from unique to any generation, assumes that time alone is what makes one grow up; but my journey to adulthood has been anything but passive. Value every stage of life, they've taught me, and realize there is no proper order. It is not forbidden to be old, nor is it commended for being young. But personally, I believe one of the most beautiful experiences is learning from the other. And remembering my letters fondly with Stanley and our late-night talks at Senior2Senior, I look forward to earning the right to call myself a senior one day.

S2S is a monthly program where students get together at a senior high rise apartment building (social room) and work on local community volunteer work ex: packing snack bags for a food pantry, diaper drive, stuffing invitations for a nonprofit, etc. GIFT serves Holiday kits for homebound/immunocompromised seniors and so many more. Another beautiful opportunity for the youth to bridge the generational gap, learn about local nonprofits, and grow leadership skills. 

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